28 April 2011

sleep - suspension of consciousness

it's half one in the morning, i'm absolutely shattered but can't sleep,
i really should though i have so much to do tomorrow but instead i'm just lying here
in a kind of daze
listening to this lot ::::

Shake the Shackles // Crystal Stilts
Flim // Aphex Twin
Horses // High Highs
Agoraphobia // Deerhunter
India Lately // Gold Panda
High, I Am // Cave
Alberto Balsalm // Aphex Twin
Desire Lines // Deerhunter
My Lover Mother Nature // Tame Impala

weird mix but it all sounds pretty good merged together and on on low volume in a dark and quiet house....
dwnld them // lstn to them // fall asleep to them
~ night.

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