30 April 2011

29th April 2011

Everything about yesterday was beautiful ~ Her dress, was incredible, as expected by Sarah Burton for
 McQueen which I was so so happy about. The lace, which was handmade by the Royal School of Needlework
 was stunning as was the embroidery and the pleats and the shape. I was pretty excited beforehand but I didn't
 think I would be on the verge of tears as she walked down the aisle lined with trees. The Queen also looked
 pretty rad, rocking her yellow ensemble and I still think Harry and Pippa should get together. All in all, it made
 me very happy. Off to read the newspapers with a cuppa.

// man i love being British.

28 April 2011

sleep - suspension of consciousness

it's half one in the morning, i'm absolutely shattered but can't sleep,
i really should though i have so much to do tomorrow but instead i'm just lying here
in a kind of daze
listening to this lot ::::

Shake the Shackles // Crystal Stilts
Flim // Aphex Twin
Horses // High Highs
Agoraphobia // Deerhunter
India Lately // Gold Panda
High, I Am // Cave
Alberto Balsalm // Aphex Twin
Desire Lines // Deerhunter
My Lover Mother Nature // Tame Impala

weird mix but it all sounds pretty good merged together and on on low volume in a dark and quiet house....
dwnld them // lstn to them // fall asleep to them
~ night.

24 April 2011


redoing my room this summer for sure.

23 April 2011

reality sucks

back from my cornish adventure ~The not so great aspects: I wrecked my camera ____ lets just say an incoming tide and a big wave left my camera well & truly dead :( (Thankfully had my film cams & my mum's beast of a canon to hand) Wrecked my feet whilst clambering over rocks, up cliffs, into rockpools & by dropping glass on my foot (not cool.) -- i am such a nightmare. ah well, here's hoping to a rad final art piece after all the pain & effort I've been through ha.... but it was amazing nonetheless ~ had long chats with an old man about music & gramophones, decided I want to learn to surf & visited some really incredible places - empty beaches with miles of sand & caves & lagoons & rocks & cliffs. Srsly, who needs exotic when you've got the english coast?????
Got so many concepts & ideas about the waves, the moon, the sea to incorporate in my art & for once I actually feel genuinely inspired.
// i'm off to edit thousands of photos, develop films, make films & fill sketchbooks //

14 April 2011

The Pretty Fears Of Death And Loneliness

I love these guys, especially after listening to their Daytrotter session..
With help from Josh from Paint it Black, I think I now know how to put mp3s on here for y'all to
download... gonna do more of these, so keep an eye out.
The Fling ~ Devil's Man (Daytrotter Session)
The Fling ~ Wanderingfoot (When The Madhouses Appear)
*alternatively head over to Daytrotter itself & download the whole session, enjoyyyyy ///

canvas ahead

Eliot Lee Hazel ~ this dude's photography is really beautiful, totally inspired.
-- should be packing for my cornwall escapade tomorrow

5 April 2011


i know this seems like a Kurt appreciation blog most of the time 
but yeah 17 years since music died, pretty much.

1 April 2011

a pair of scissors

just messin' w/ compositions
---- also LATITUDE TICKETS BOUGHT // so stokedddddd