16 April 2012


Starting afresh.

~ an atelier is a studio of an artist or designer and therefore a place of creative inspiration, thoughts & general vibezz. 'Orchid' then, because it is a branch off and a continuation from, this blog & my tumblr.

See you on the other side.

( May 2009 - April 2012 )

14 April 2012

fading hydrangeas

designed & styled by Egle Cekanaviciute
~ neutrals, metallics, platforms, tailoring & leaves n things ~ what's more to love?

'silk and lustrous silver'

Columbiform, meaning the avian order of, & therefore signifying the shape of a dove, is a line of jewellery inspired by "the sculptural mobiles of Alexander Calder and the paintings of Joan Miro, paired with the idea of geometric and man-made elements sharing a canvas with natural forms."

I love the simple elegance of these pieces incorporating a mix of different textiles, materials and shapes. So beautiful, as is their photography of their collection.

Available to purchase at JF & SON.

11 April 2012

stimulate your mind

all photos hunter gathererer

Stumbled upon this blog; hg, a couple of months ago & I absolutely love the focus upon sculpture, art, materials, textiles and fabrics where each post is a new designer, photographer or artist, or quite simply an object or image that the curator of the blog finds inspiring. The result of the blog is minimal in design but wholly fascinating. It is a collection of curiosities & an assemblage of the odd and unusual.

I want this blog to be more of an accumulation of the simple, fleeting, peculiar things I find pleasing whether aesthetically, compositionally or whatever;  photographing the way the light falls into a room, a fragment of a conversation overhead, a found object or the discovery of a new artist / designer / band / author / writer / photographer e t c.

Finding blogs like hg has reinvigorated my love for handmade, handcrafted things; from jewellery to pottery & I hope to document some of my ideas, projects & pieces that I make here.
her lifestyle blog is equally as inspiring :::

23 January 2012

avec une barbe

Un court métrage réalisé par Matthew Frost et co-écrit par Fabien Prade et Matthew Frost. Il met en scène une journée dans la vie d'une fille, la top Ashley Smith, une fille comme les autres, ou presque. Ashley a un secret qui pourrait rendre toutes les autres filles, jalouses.

Les coulisses du film sur http://jalouse.fr

2 January 2012

week late but

The Nativity, Piero della Francesca, 1470-5. Oil on poplar. The National Gallery, London.
My absolute favourite nativity painting.


photo by myself 

I hope all your christmases were merry & bright!

Mine was filled with champagne, homemade mince pies, candles, new books and knitwear, blue stilton, baileys, log fires, making mixtapes & presents, mulled wine, baking, harry potter films, knitting, nat king cole, new shooz, dark lindt choc & childhood nostalgia.

1 January 2012

an ocean of resolutions

I have a very good feeling about this year.

The transition from '11 to '12 seemed right and natural, as opposed to last year where everything was hanging in the balance and just waiting to be completed & achieved. This year is going to be prosperous in creative endeavors and spontaneous happenings. I am going to stop thinking about what I should, could be doing in three years time and focus on now. I'm twenty this year and that scares me quite a bit. Been going through a bit of a quarter (?) life crisis, not knowing what I'm doing / what I should be doing / whether I've made the right choices etc etc. First term in, maybe it's inevitable. Don't get me wrong - my course, friends, flat, london - everything is incredible but it's overwhelming and daunting to now have to make pretty big, life altering decisions and stick with them when you're not fond of, or very good at, decision making. The post-christmas blues haven't helped my mood but the dawn of a new year has given me a new kind of optimism. Even though everything is an unknown, I will make the most of this year.
I'm finally where I want to be... and I'm excited.

10 December 2011

fifty five minutes before the sun goes down

Playing With Fire by Ryan Kenny.
So beautiful.
---- supposed to be writing an essay on Gerhard Richter & another one on theories of authorship & originality in art history and this is major procrastination seeing as they are both due in before friday urrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh gotta go see ya bye.

14 November 2011


Saw Dum Dum Girls on Saturday at Rough Trade (although we did only manage to catch their last song, but we've seen them before supporting mgmt ) and Trophy Wife afterwards at Crack Magazine's launch party at the Nest in Dalston, which was so good. Last time we saw them was at Latitude so we were happily reminiscing about summer times. So yeah, then tomorrow it's Washed Out w/ John Maus and saturday seeing The Neat back in Dalston. Stoked.
I'll pop some mp3s & photos up here later, got to go to UCL's student newspaper / zine elections - hoping to be the website's photography editor, but we shall see! /// Laterz.