31 May 2010

24 May 2010

to hell with forgiveness

oh mosshart you are fabulous

all that is going on

result to photobooth when the study leave boredom gets too much ;)


OKAY. basically i have loads of lovely posts lined up for this thaang, full of inspiration and exploration but for now exams call and history revision must be done :( i will be back ASAP when im going to properly re do this blog and make it fabulously more interesting and exciting :)
roll on summer 

behind schedule

pixie & courtney

there will be no miracles here

ooh yeah. flickr gogo. actually i havent updated it in a while but still go browse :)

nine thirty im outside in the sun already

yannis was in my dream last night 

22 May 2010

'i love nostalgic things, vintage things, old things, historic things, antique things & things generally associated with the past BUT i cant live in the past in terms of regret. theres no time.'

oh waaawwow: florences crib = "a mass of kitschy secondhand trinkets, vintage shoes and antique furniture. with a single mattress covered in hand me down linens for a bed, sat atop dusty moroccan carpets on creaky wooden floors next to stacks & stacks of loved books, filled up notebooks & the odd chandelier."


20 May 2010

and when the sun goes in its not that nice anymore.

but iv been sitting here all afternoon. its glorious.

18 May 2010

its future dust

completely breezed general studies, in fact, i loved it, basically reeled off a load of art history. amazing.
then went and bought zines and nailvarnish then went on a walk to the bluebell forest then sat at home drinking tea. this is what study leave consists of

17 May 2010

stop asking me these questions about who i want to become

sadly, for some reason every time i see a photo of kurt cobain, my heart dies a little. im somewhat in love with this man.

just painted my nails in layers of pink, purple, blue, green and silver glitter. 
im so incredibly COOL but it makes me happy. 


i exist on the best terms i can

so true.

the light shines down the valley

love the last one.
today history revision & jeremy vine on radioh 2 &  experimenting with layering up nailvarnishes. pretty standard really ha.


10 May 2010

its genuinely not over yet

english done art done photography done history revision to do english revision to do. 
this will all be over a month today.

b r e a t h e

lost language

9 May 2010