30 June 2010

imsotired butimstillawake at sixminutespast two AM.

im liking purple & green....
im also liking the national...

ima watchaaang:

insanely oldschool, insanely good. 

29 June 2010

i waaaaaant marrs glasses

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i don't need you to tell me what's going down

made my own fools gold ring last weekend
its quite chunkaay but rather cool,
now i want to make rings out of every different stone :)

subtly sombre


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28 June 2010

been listening

mores the point, iv been thinking and its not good, 
i basically dont know what do to
in the future or with my life, actually, iv got that one
but how to get there
fuck knows
im so indecisive
oh dear.
visiting UCL on wednesday so hopefully
thatll give me some
ill be able to figure it out.

it could only be florence

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Florence & The Machine at Glastonbury
damn she always looks fabulous! kinda wish i could have seen this...

OH aaaand

27 June 2010

it will all end in tears

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im (not) trying to be groundbreaking

the further i run away the closer i become

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cycling down the hill through the fields at sunset is wonderful, sitting by the canal in camden late at night is wonderful and being inspired so much by a places people art blahblahblah etc is wonderful. summer needs to be this and a thousand more wonderful things.
cos i wannaaaaaah be freeeeee

24 June 2010

this state im in

Burberry Prorsum 2011 Spring Menswear.
so good!