30 March 2011

be still

i n s p i r a t i o n

28 March 2011

23 March 2011


literally that room looks so incred ~ double mattress, white walls, tall ceilings,
zine pile, headphones & cellotaped pictures on walls...

william gedney - i love this photograph ridiculous amounts // just everything about it is beautiful.

then a bit of abbey lee, some rad necklace things going on & banhart in the awesome Rodarte jumper (which i'm tempted to d-i-y)
//// anyways i'm off to watch this. ~ standard night in viewing for me really //
no srsly i get so inspired by things like that.

21 March 2011

another another

days of ~ deadlines, no makeup, book on book on book reading, worries about monies, trying to afford festivals (latitude) & gigs (tame impala), needing my job back, winter to spring transitionary dressing, artartart, getting it into my head that i'm gonna be living in london, plans for summer slash roadtrip that have gone from america > europe > england, uni bits & bobs (UCL - get innnn) &&& just general drama and craziness.
sorry about the one-photo-every-other-day thing going on, i shall resume propa blogga when i actually have a moment to breathe and can genuinely be inspired. ~ like literally my mum bought me a 'keep calm and carry on' rubber and it's made my day, that is how radically exciting my life is right now :\\\\\\\\\\\ ////////////
in the meantime ~ follow moi: tweet tweet

15 March 2011

i will make it through the day and then the day becomes the night.

Devendra Banhart by Jem Goulding
// just figured i only have 30 something school days left. for ever. ~ ahhhhhmazin.

13 March 2011

tea - bath - wondersoftheuniverse - bed

doing the whole
thing buuuuuuut found just found Isabella Sporle & her photos she did for Tourist zine...
___ really beautiful photos ~ i just love the simplicity of the set and the fabric...

12 March 2011

The kids have a new take, a new take on faith.

// for NO zine by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller

6 March 2011

march is gonna be blurrrrr.

coursework x 3
interview x 2
uni offer x 1
this craziness is nearly over and i will soon know my future
strange strange strange

1 March 2011

insignificant fact of the day unless you love nirvana

"On this day, back in 1994, Nirvana played their final ever concert when they appeared at The Terminal Einz in Munich, Germany. The 3,000 capacity venue was a small Airport Hanger. The power went off during the show so they played an impromptu acoustic set including a version of The Cars 'My Best Friend's Girl'."
obsessed I know but that's such a good link b//w Nirvana & The Cars
+ this kinda thing makes me happy so I feel like I have to share.
+ Those who aren't familiar with the Cars, go listen - oldschool good shit.