21 March 2011

another another

days of ~ deadlines, no makeup, book on book on book reading, worries about monies, trying to afford festivals (latitude) & gigs (tame impala), needing my job back, winter to spring transitionary dressing, artartart, getting it into my head that i'm gonna be living in london, plans for summer slash roadtrip that have gone from america > europe > england, uni bits & bobs (UCL - get innnn) &&& just general drama and craziness.
sorry about the one-photo-every-other-day thing going on, i shall resume propa blogga when i actually have a moment to breathe and can genuinely be inspired. ~ like literally my mum bought me a 'keep calm and carry on' rubber and it's made my day, that is how radically exciting my life is right now :\\\\\\\\\\\ ////////////
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  1. Don't stress out!! It'll be ok!!
    On the bright side your blog is incredible (:


  2. your blog is like a breath of fresh air
    i love it