29 October 2010

kids of the black hole

Nadia Sarwar aka FrouFrouu // collages ~ self
> hectic collage i know but i'm in love with this gals styleee.
i've never seen anyone make trousers // calf length dresses look so insanely good.
and as for her hats & shoes... 

28 October 2010

true that

hedi slimane & a bit oh ray & co.

when the lights all failed

ON THE WINTER WISHLISH aka i need to buy pronto:
a cape // some serious knitwear // winklepicker boots // wooly tights // 
bits and bobs to make some more jewellery fraaaaaaam // navy blue + racing green matt nailpolish // 
a velvet blazer or black blazer or black blazer with velvet lapels // more rust coloured stuff // 
a red tie // new black jeans //////////////

i hate random photo posts but today i dont care because we're watching harry potter

i live in a village that sounds like dumbledore
kudos to me i think so.

24 October 2010

antiques roadshow

scan // self


this was amongst the load of books my friend gave me. how cool.
>> i wanna go back to russia so badly.
////// ohhh & i have a job! in this vintagey antique shop. amazing!

23 October 2010


andy lifschutz jewellery ~ how raaaaad!
collage // self

20 October 2010


people make me angry.

17 October 2010

sunday blues

lils in vogues // Lily Donaldson ~ British Vogue

14 October 2010

bish bash a bit of ash

so im off to london for the weekend which im insanely excited about
& i basically want to be at uni there now.
photosphotosphotos & art galleries aka the RA, V&A, Courtauld & being ridiculously cultural & rough trade
& museums & getting loadsssa inspiration & collecting every newspaper and leaflet & 
on the go teas & beyond retro & 
the crazy running around underground figuring out what bloody colour line we have to be on 
& that pizza cafe place in brick lane &&&
marry me?

13 October 2010

im only sorry it took so long to figure out

Inherited a load of books off a friend so I've started reading Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac,
I'd heard of the Beat Generation & everything so im pretty intrigued to actually read his books...
I need to get On The Road too.
i bought the most amazing blazer today, its like bright corally orangey red,
im in love with it.

10 October 2010


dave & kurt // kurt & dave
ohmagahhhd im so excited.

10 10 10 10 10

here. i like cats okaaay.
ten past ten on the tenth of the tenth month two thousand & ten

twelve hour sleep

Lou Doillon by Edouard Plongeon
so YESTERDAY i ventured into town to attempt to buy something for my LDN 
trips coming up & various shindigs that i have to attend. so i went into topshop, because
frankly there are no other highstreet shops in chelt that i think are worth going into, and yes
okay they have some really decent stuff but im basically broke until i have a job
and cant really fork out on a pair of green tapered trousers for forty quid. 
& they didnt have them in my size.
so by this point i was really annoyed but decided to give the good old charity shop a go.
LOW & BEHOLD, found these amazing brown tapered faux suede trousers (£6) and an 
amazing coat in like a print material (£8) made my day.
oh and i bought a 'keep calm and carry on' bag just because.
//////////// anyways enough rambling, have a good sunday y'all.

9 October 2010


 \\ XXX // 

7 October 2010

rain from nowhere

teacher one; 'your pink bicycle tyres are so hipster!'
teacher two; 'yeah i know its like guys with rolled up jeans who live in east london.'
- classic. i laughed but it seemed i was the only one who heard // understood it. 
oh and i totally watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off yesterday.
so good. i wish life was actually like that thoughhhhh

5 October 2010


freja w/ rad trousers (by Cass Bird for Dossier)
pools of pink ice & turquoise water.
[& the stone roses make me extremely happy]

3 October 2010


Irina Lazareanu at the launch of Corduroy 'zine


hello ~ sunday ~ morning
i made a mental note to myself last night that i should wear my joyd tee
to drink tea & make collages that apparently have some relation to 
negative space // flux // light // phenomena // space // film
- i don't know.
-- oh & learn how to make origami birds. ha
--- is it weird that i find the fact that its raining like hell outside comforting?

2 October 2010

and so to the moon

margaret durow
G O O D ~ N I G H T


can i just say that i have huge love for this photo ^
mmm white cats ^
various tumblrs, ellen rogers, verushka bogus, madzuka
tom brilli, edouard plongeon & black orchid
so today i actually wrote my CV and ran around the local places
handing them out here there & everywhere
>>> im finally getting a job!