10 October 2010

twelve hour sleep

Lou Doillon by Edouard Plongeon
so YESTERDAY i ventured into town to attempt to buy something for my LDN 
trips coming up & various shindigs that i have to attend. so i went into topshop, because
frankly there are no other highstreet shops in chelt that i think are worth going into, and yes
okay they have some really decent stuff but im basically broke until i have a job
and cant really fork out on a pair of green tapered trousers for forty quid. 
& they didnt have them in my size.
so by this point i was really annoyed but decided to give the good old charity shop a go.
LOW & BEHOLD, found these amazing brown tapered faux suede trousers (£6) and an 
amazing coat in like a print material (£8) made my day.
oh and i bought a 'keep calm and carry on' bag just because.
//////////// anyways enough rambling, have a good sunday y'all.

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