20 May 2011

As well as practically completely re-doing my room, I have decided to take over the bottom part of our garden. It's been overgrown for an age and we've never really got round to looking after it since we moved in like 6 years ago. It's lined / surrounded by tall overgrown hedges, has a couple of rusty old benches and a gravel path down the middle. I basically want to cut and trim the hedges down a tad, paint the benches, plant some poppies & hydrangeas - blue preferably but apparently 'they won't grow in our soil' but whatever, I can try. It's pretty lush because it's sheltered and away from the house. I want a hammock but that may be
a bit down the line. So I'm thinking make some cushions, buy some moroccan lanterns, candles, big umbrella things etc etc and basically chill down there under the stars drinking wine with whoever wants to come and keep me company! aaand in the day, sunbathe with a mountain of books & sketchbooks. maaaaaaaaaaan i can't wait.
this will be me ^

17 May 2011


yes i am now a tumblr geek loser & have not one, but two to distract me from reality, which currently sucks
 due to exams so you can see my reasoning non?
so yuh i have a slight obsession with interiors and apartments and architecture and whatnot, so in my boredom made
to simply share the massive collection of photos stored on my laptop.
I want to live in every one of the places on there, or like an accumulation of them all...

14 May 2011

blue day

there's just something about pictures of dudes on skateboards...

7 May 2011

i like the sound of the rain

Elise Crombez // Dossier Journal // shot by Marcelo Gomes

4 May 2011

1 May 2011

w a t c h // t h i s // s p a c e

In the summer (10th June), when my life resumes and when I can spend days wandering round carboots and
 charity shops & making art all day long, I'm considering selling some of my handmade jewellery and
 suchlike... I have a shed full of glass, solder & metal my grandad left (he used work as a stained glass artist)
 before he ran off to london and I'm gradually working my way through it using a lot for art projects and
 things. I make / collect / find random  things to put round my neck anyway so if I get on a bit of a roll, might
 as well sell some to y'all. Thought about plenty of designs but just haven't had the time or dedication recently
 .. I'm thinking things like like a small three dimensional glass pyramid & coloured glass pyramids &
 cubes & things.. Oh and rings, lots of ringzzz...
 I need to visit this little shop in Covent Garden that is literally like an Aladdin's Cave of the coolest &
quirkest beads & things...

w a t c h // t h i s // s p a c e

// 1st 3rd 5th photos from Spell & The Gypsy Collective