24 January 2011

c'est la vie

^^^^ what a lovely tameimpala//andrew&ben&co gathering ♥
URM so it's Andrew's birthday next week..... like we need a reason to celebraaaate

22 January 2011

speak what we feel, not what we ought to say

Despite the ridiculous over analysing, i've decided i genuinely love Shakespeare // An original dude.



21 January 2011

20 January 2011


here //

18 January 2011

what went down

physics lessons

w/ psychicsuede SMMR 2011...
a desert, some stars, a film & a hint of psychedelia = 
essentially a TheManWhoFellToEarth re-enactment, but better (& less surreal)
'Parade of Planets' // Peter Lindbergh
Vogue Russia ~ February 1999
& ten years later exactly we go to russia & basically fall in love.

10 January 2011

nice jumper nice face syndrome


it's a bandwagon & i feel inclined to jump on it ~ 

9 January 2011

fate always loses hope

{outsiders dressed up like sunday morning}

// new cape slash poncho thing with triangles on yeah its rad.
[apologies for the onslaught of shit laptop photos, 
someday i'll get round to developing all my films]
~ bit of yeasayer // bit of art // s'all good ~
love how im still eating mince pies

4 January 2011

immortalists with points to prove

nevermind from youtube, listen to JD raw from vinyl, it made me cry.

purple soup

literally listened to this & Huey (what a lad) on 6 allday;
would rather spend my days in these places than at school ///

2 January 2011

looking for a sign to change my mind

COPE cira Teardrop Explodes.
saying that, his solo stuff is gooooooood & i wanna read his autobiog.

& we are young and pure and in touch with cosmic forces also.


may your year be full of triangular happiness.