30 September 2010

fred baby


29 September 2010

we got the handshake

correct me if im wrong but isn't that Xavier from Justice?

28 September 2010


> ben rayner

shoulders back

things i really need to do pronto.
> get tickets for yeasayer at roundhouse sometime in november i think
> get tickets for foals on fourth november in bristol
> decide which fests i wanna go to next year aka big chill? / reading? / trees?
get a job get a job get a job
earn some money earn some money earn some money
> write an english essay, a personal statement and blag an art critique
> get driving
> go to london. because frankly im missing it. loads.
> consider getting a tattoo on my finger.
> get my ears pierced again again again
and loads of other stuff but i cant think right now.
why does all this stuff bar the school stuff involve money?
okay fair play i havent got a job but im working on it.

alright be patient


mystique musique

The Dead Weather by Edouard Plongeon


at home watching daytime tv old b&w movies, eating too much toast & drinking tea and lemsip.
and im really really cold.
and not inspired to do anything.

27 September 2010

screen scream

sup erinnnnnn

put death in a microwave

my head at this current moment:Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"I draw best when my head is full and I need it to go"
"I'm exactly the same, arts kinda everything in my head that I can't put into words,
It's strange but it works"


The Mccartneys


> Edie Sedgwick

26 September 2010

when i saw

early night with a hot water bottle.
▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

set list

do you want to get any cuter?
geeeeeeez i still cant believe i actually saw him
in a three dimensional circumstance

by the by

frying pan

2nd ph // mine.
wondering what to do with my lump of fools gold
i wanna make some crazy piece of jewellery with it 
with chain and rings and stufffff.
you know that feeling when you're like cold INSIDE your bones?
yeah, thats how i feel right now.
cold, hungover & cannot move.

you're gonna know if you keep on asking questions, i say you're gonna know real soon

J.W. Anderson SS11
fucking hell
iv got three essays to write
& im checking out guys in tiedye

weed in my bookcase?!

so i threw a party last night round at my humble abode...
broken plant pots, glitter, lampshades, shards of glass, moustaches
cellophane, jump leads,
too much beer, too much tea, too many candles
& nearly having egyptian hip hop roll up at your house
is all pretty standard for us!

24 September 2010


spaces, places & all the things you could fill them with.


so so so so so so so so so so good.
im getting the photos developed tomorrow but seriously half of them will be
black cos it was so insaaaaaane
andrew was looking pretty dandy.
ben was adorable.
im still in such a hyped state of mind. isdojsadi9poewk0dpshdosiljahdhs

22 September 2010

not the way i see it

this week honestly couldn't go any slower.
and i constantly feel like im being distracted by something 
but i don't know what.
its crazy. i need the weekend badly.
++++ & i need a job.
need to go to the pub again to ask again. ha.