28 September 2010

shoulders back

things i really need to do pronto.
> get tickets for yeasayer at roundhouse sometime in november i think
> get tickets for foals on fourth november in bristol
> decide which fests i wanna go to next year aka big chill? / reading? / trees?
get a job get a job get a job
earn some money earn some money earn some money
> write an english essay, a personal statement and blag an art critique
> get driving
> go to london. because frankly im missing it. loads.
> consider getting a tattoo on my finger.
> get my ears pierced again again again
and loads of other stuff but i cant think right now.
why does all this stuff bar the school stuff involve money?
okay fair play i havent got a job but im working on it.


  1. Money (or lack thereof)..the bane of my life also :(