30 April 2010


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oh...we could start over again

haaaaaaaaaaaaappy friday 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

26 April 2010

the victims of fate, we tread new ground misfortune conveys

some super old collages i did a while back. 
im so happy monday is over.

25 April 2010

and so it goes on. and on. and on.

im dreading tomorrow (monday morning blues) but looking forward to the weekend (may bank holidaaaay). 
have a fabulous week all x

sticks and stones wont break ma bones

wow i get so distracted easily. la x

afternoon please

you me him her theirs ours yours mine

theres no school like the old school right

aha a super old page from my sketchbook.


with & without

iv aquired a sofa. it is rather a lovely sofa but seeing as my room is already cluttered and messed and everything i dont actually know how im going to incorporate it. HENCE the spring clean. fun. x

i had a dream last night that i (r e a l l y) wish wasnt a dream

... its a common occurrence.

im in a rut iv gotta get out of it, out of it, out of it

i hate it when im in the situation of say something/ say nothing when either could potentially change the whole situation. i need to snap out of this crazy self analysing, be decisive and gain something from this.
iv also noticed how weird it is to have warm wind blowing in your face, the weather is weird today man...
april the twentyfifth twothousandandten = massive sort out and spring clean of the room, art sketchbook, history essay, take some photinas, eat some couscous, do a bit of thinking & get an early night (unlikely) x

i REALLY have the urge to chuck this laptop out of the window, its so unbelievable slow ARGH

24 April 2010

daria will always and forever be my favourite xxx

[clickclickclick 'em to make 'em bigbigbig errrrrr]

im a fantasist

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i could only make these pictures either really big (like this) or really small, so i opted with big :) big love for tim 
tim walker collages by moi x


things thangs

this is out of our range

23 April 2010

03;17 am

wouldnt you just love to run away to a lake surrounded by fir trees and cliffs and bridges and reflections and mist and sun and freedom and space

its temporary this place im in, i permanently wont do this again.

i dont expect you to understand i didnt expect you to try and understand you assume the wrong things see no one can ever truly be individual because society shuns you into stereotypicality i dont understand why youre so ignorant and typical and illusionary and what happened to the genuine everything becomes pretentious everything loses novelty everything is nothing nothing is something something is something to talk about because a fact is a fact but if no one tells a story there is no story and we still try and find meanings and dwell on things that dont need to be contemplated contemplate this contemplate the time listen to everything thats happened thats happening that will happen its not fearful its not explainable so wake the fuck up calm the fuck down answer question cry presume talk return change continue

because we can't see other people's thoughts.
because you have to be realistic.
because memory is deceptive.
                because i couldnt care less. 

its more than a shame

old photo but still all the same: by me x

shoot you down

i bought a new moleskin like two weeks ago and its practically full already. its shows how much crazy stuff is going around in my mind, i seriously do fill it up with rubbish. to be honest i dont know why i write them, i guess when i look back on them all in ten years time/ the near future, maybe ill be able to figure out who i am or who i was ya know? it would be interestinginterestinginteresting 

heres the answer

from cornwall, for photography x

somethings changed but im not sure what


how fragile we are

beautiful outfits on beautiful people x