23 April 2010

its temporary this place im in, i permanently wont do this again.

i dont expect you to understand i didnt expect you to try and understand you assume the wrong things see no one can ever truly be individual because society shuns you into stereotypicality i dont understand why youre so ignorant and typical and illusionary and what happened to the genuine everything becomes pretentious everything loses novelty everything is nothing nothing is something something is something to talk about because a fact is a fact but if no one tells a story there is no story and we still try and find meanings and dwell on things that dont need to be contemplated contemplate this contemplate the time listen to everything thats happened thats happening that will happen its not fearful its not explainable so wake the fuck up calm the fuck down answer question cry presume talk return change continue

because we can't see other people's thoughts.
because you have to be realistic.
because memory is deceptive.
                because i couldnt care less. 

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