30 April 2011

29th April 2011

Everything about yesterday was beautiful ~ Her dress, was incredible, as expected by Sarah Burton for
 McQueen which I was so so happy about. The lace, which was handmade by the Royal School of Needlework
 was stunning as was the embroidery and the pleats and the shape. I was pretty excited beforehand but I didn't
 think I would be on the verge of tears as she walked down the aisle lined with trees. The Queen also looked
 pretty rad, rocking her yellow ensemble and I still think Harry and Pippa should get together. All in all, it made
 me very happy. Off to read the newspapers with a cuppa.

// man i love being British.

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  1. fuck yes! British are the best as displayed by the many swarming crouds of assies and canadians who support the royals one-hundred-percent!