24 April 2011


redoing my room this summer for sure.


  1. Same however a little scepicle about the idea of it! But nothing could go wrong with hanging scarves on the ceiling coukd there? New bed and candles, inscence sticks, shizzle such as!

    Have fun, Don't paint it red, bad for a relaxing atmosphere!


  2. I completely agree, I don't want to do anything too radical because i am going to uni in the autumn. I just want to clear it out a tad, i've got so much random stuff i just hoard & keep in piles around my room or just generally collecting dust. Yeah, need to get a bit of good feng shui going on! New bed & candles indeed! aand handmade cushions, organised piles of zines & books, rugs, clear surfaces, tidy wardrobe and flowers... sorted. Some major car bootin will be occuring i should think!