20 February 2011

Kurt appreciation post

I think it was on one of the numerous car journeys to my secondary school when I was around 13 or so that
 I first listened to Kurt. These journeys were around an hour long, before and after school, with my dad.
 With his music taste being so rad he basically taught me much of the music I love now. He's big
 on punk, which is awesome for one thing, because being at uni in the late 70's he was literally surrounded by
 the bands and music that he loved. Maaan I wish I was around then. He even went to see the Clash
 sometime around '84 and 'forgot'. Are you kidding me! He recorded all the gigs he went to in his 'gig guide',
 essentially a notebook packed with notes, ratings (cute) and ramblings. It is awesome to say
 the least. I owe such a lot to my dad and his music taste (don't even get me started on his vinyl collection.)

Anyway, these car journeys were pretty cool, we literally either talked about music and my dad's
 times at college or the universe and theories of physics. Ha, no seriously in another life, I would be an
 astronaut or at least figure out what happened before the big bang and suchlike. I've been thinking about
 things like that since I was like 6 and have a pretty extensive collection of books. ha. Shame I'm hopeless at
 maths // science...

Anyway yeah, Kurt. I don't remember the exact time when I discovered who he was, but Nirvana was
 always being played and I guess it gave me something I didn't get when I got out of the car and into another
 day of private school funtimes. Without wanting to sound really cliche, he was an incredible man who made
 incredible music (and wore incred jumpers) and I will never cease to listen to and love his music. So yes,
Kurt, happy 44th birthday. Music thats got me through a load of good and bad times and a voice that has
 made me fall asleep listening to 'About a Son' (get it, it's beautiful), big love dude. XXX

that was epicly long // the longest post i've ever written

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