15 February 2011


freakin out about my art exam question // trying not to be so conceptual so i can get more done
but i don't want to do something predictable ya know.
& also i've got a weird obsession with tassels at the moment, like curtain tassels?!
this is odd but i want to sew them on jumpers and skirts and things ~ getting out the sewing machine next week methinks...


  1. Ahh, saw a tassel leather jacket in a charity shop today, had little studs and everything was fantastic!

    Don't worry you're going to do wonderful in art!

  2. saw this and started welling up// swear this edit is why we are mates mate. ♥

  3. i'm missing the ol'days big time basics

  4. it literally is! another magazine you brought us together ♥ ah man me too, that art lesson when i just caaaasually sauntered over like heyyy dudeeeee i like your zine aha