2 December 2010

work backwards

i promise when i get my new laptop ill put more photos up here & flickr.
today = wooly hat, snow, vanilla coffee, making glass pyramids, figuring how to purposely mess up video
 tapes, christmas tuuuunes, later- party / town / pub.
by Yoshi Sodeoka. he does some seriously spun out, psychedelic, crazy as, noise fuelled vids.
He is a purveyor of aural pollution and combines it, to haunting effect, with photography and collage
 when creating low-fi videos that conjure up a spirit world both alluring and impossible to interpret.
 “I like working with music that's non-structural since that fits my visual style and process which is
 very non-structural. I like random things that are hard to understand. It's challenging to me.”

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