18 December 2010


i love the artwork & the size & the sound &&& everything about vinyl.
rough trade // an attic // crazyily small 'shops' down alleyways & in basements // a car boot // charity shops // wherever... finding & looking & buying them is the coolest thing.
taking time to choose it, buy it, handle it and play it seems so worthwhile if you really appreciate the music & all. 
(and it totally helps having a dad whos music taste is pretty awesome)
BUT ALAS i have nothing to play them on though so no guesses at what i'ma hoping for for CHRSTMS...
// featuring The Smiths & The Teardrop Explodes.

1 comment:

  1. When I got a record player for christmas last year it was pretty much the most awesome gift ever. EVER. so i can completely relate

    <3 Sarah