7 July 2010


skiving school sports day to sit at home in my dads shirts with unwashed hair
(which is becoming increasingly ginger and im not a fan but i cant be arsed to dye it)
and array of rubbish hung on chains around my neck
and eating grapes
and watching oldschool eighties music videos:

and cutting up ancient copies of french vogue
and importing every cd that i can find in my household seems really FUN
but i really should do something more productive
but i dont wanna really. its summer in two days THANK GOD and i feel as though wasting my days doing
fuck all needs to be done. to be fair i am getting a job at thee pub this friday.
just bought this smiffffsisdead tshirt:
and might go raid my grandads shed to make some more glass necklaces
or look through the mountainous pile of university prospectuses acculumating by my bed...
nah, im gonna go have a cuppa and consider going on a bike ride lataaar. have a nice day y'all.

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