11 July 2010

thats too bad

various tumblrs.
well today i went to a car boot 
(which i sacrificed my sunday morning lie in for... but i guess it was worth it)
& bought an oldschool Praktica camera, never heard of the name
but it was 20 quid for that & three lenses which i thought was a 
so aswell i got a history of fashion book - kinda oldschool, loadsa illustrations, would be a good
reference etcetc, a cross necklace, a tiny little lighter that ima gonna put on a necklace
& an oscar wilde video. love wilde, love video.
it was a good morning.
im going to experiment with my love of film photography.
i love the manual aspect to them and the fact that you can play around with all 
the features and the film and the developing
(im going to get a dark room soon i hope)
expect photos soon :)

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