6 November 2011


Instead of ranting on about how much of a terrible blogger I am, I shall just say that I am back after a hectic but amazing few months. Just realised the last time I posted was before results day which is surreal seeing as I'm a month in (studying History of Art) at UCL and in love with it all. London is insane, and beautiful and everything I imagined it would be like living there. I hardly feel like a student walking around Waitrose (it's the most local okay) & the beer ain't cheap (it is London after all) but the walk to campus every morning, black coffee on mass, visiting Regents Park with the flat mates to watch the sunset, setting off fire alarms, drinking games, spending hours in the library, getting a free ticket to Frieze Art Fair, having to visit numerous exhibitions / collections / museums / galleries as 'assignments' (love), having covent garden, brick lane (almost) and camden all within walking distance, accidently sitting in on MA Philosophy lectures, and actually being able to go to gigs / see bands are just some of the brilliant things about being a fresher that make the lack of money / essays / etc etc totally worth it. All in all london is pretty darn rad.

So yuh. I'm going to reinvent this blog a bit and keep it for inspiration / photography / artwork purposes.

Surfing the internet on numerous blogs / zines / portfolios / websites at 3am used to be a regular pastime but now the only reasons I'd be up now would be because either I had an essay deadline the next day or I'm out dancing the night away in london town. I'm back in chelt / dumbleton this week though so here I am, half 3 in the morning, gorilla vs bear october mixtape on, multiple tabs open, sat in an eerily empty room but in my lovely lovely bed by the light of the moon. jokes that would be too perfect, I'm so sentimental. But yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, hi guys.

// Time in LDN goes so fast, it's just so nice to be home.

oh, and changed the url / blog name // I have a thing for blue flowers... 

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