4 November 2010


from Grey zine.
so so good. i miss it alreadyyyyy.
art critique = tomorrow. why do i have to explain to my whole art class what im doing?
and just because im not painting figures or seascapes or flowers or houses or have a sketchbook bulging at
 the seams, ill probably be moaned at. i dont care, its in my head & i know exactly what im doing so let
 me be and ill get on with it. no one will get what im on about anyway (negative space + sculpture + buildings
 + light + wrapping things + collections of objects + video vhs stuff + illusion + installations?) anyway i cant
 just fill up my sketchbook in an orderly way. its gradual ya know, i write/ draw/ collage as and when it
 inspires me. ah well.
rant over.
> i badly need some shoes. running through brum at midnight in the rain with holey shoes AINT NICE.

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