14 February 2010

thanks for the tradegy, i need it for my art...

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kurt cobain's journals.
seriously, go buy this book. 
At first i really didn't want to read this. I thought that reading into his journals was too much, and that trying to figure out the mind of such a 'troubled genius' kind of defeated the point. I kind of felt that i would be intruding. Yet as it turns out,  these journals portray a man who loved music and making music, and essentially, what music meant to him. 
Kurt was such an amazing man, so so talented and intelligent. the journals contain pages upon pages of notebooks filled with lyrics, drawings, doodles, sketches and writings which portray his thoughts about fame, the state of music and art and culture, and the people who bought and sold him and his music. they really do reveal an artist who was so aware of the culture he was entering with Nirvana's music.

Although his writing is quite profound, it does show his creative processes. I also love all his opinions about commercial culture and art and music and people and, well, everything. 'If you read, you'll judge' kind of sums it up. I can't really say much more. Basically its amazing. 

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