11 August 2009


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sup. i figured i needed a blog. i mean, everyone else has one right? i needed a place to post all my inspirations and suchlike in one place. i have no clue how this will turn out but i hope to include some of my own photography and artwork as well. i cant even think of a title ha. oh and sometime i hope to sell some of my d-i-y jewellery etc on here... watch this space.

oh and all my photos/illustrations/artworks i post on here have all been collected from random blogs + sites over a long period of time into a vast archive on my laptop. so, i dont have the sources for most. if a photo is yours, and you would like it removed or would like me to post the source, leave me a comment :) all other photos by me + +

+ feel free to leave feedback, i hope you will enjoy :)

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